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Chimera #978

Chimera #978


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Chimera is a mutation, its genetics a merging of past and present.

New creative mediums almost always ingest those that came before. Pictograms and hieroglyphics turned into paintings, which eventually became moving images and photoreal graphics. Spoken words evolved into written text, eventually becoming complex screenplays, computer code, and a world of hyperlinks. Most mediums are not discarded, but combined or extended to incorporate new technology or ideas.


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Wine None
Books None
Pipes None
Skulls None
Stroke Oil
Bouquet Five flowers
Weather Clear
Celestial None
Time of Day Dawn
Dead Flowers None
Primary Species Dahlia
Number of Species Two
Artificial Flowers None
Dishes One
Fruits Two
Bowls of Fruit One
Signature Yes
Frame Type Thin
Room None
Rug None

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